The quintessence of
Vietnam cuisine

The image of Vietnam's bamboo bending in the wind, sparkling under the sunlight becomes implanted deeply in many Vietnamese people's mind and childhood. Inspired by the familiar image of bamboo ramparts, Bếp Tre - The 3 Regions Vietnamese Kitchen is conceived by Dat Phuong Group, using thousands of rustic bamboo trunks to create a humid space that is friendly, rustic, and proud.

In a familiar and peaceful space, Bếp Tre brings the feeling of "coming home". Going back to the homeland, the people of Vietnam, next to the flickering fire, try the Northen taste with crab soup and pickled eggplant, going to the Central region to enjoy a bowl of Quang style noodle, or taste the Southern flavor with lotus salad in the middle of the immense river.

With fresh ingredients from 3 regions including the North, Central and South, through the talent enthusiasm of the chef, every single dish honors the characteristics and authentic taste of each region.

Inspired by the curved bamboo groves, Bếp Tre is designed very unique, using all raw bamboo materials, offering a culinary space full of art, a place to connect diners from all over the world to visit Hoi An.

The love for bamboo ramparts along with the pride in the traditional craft villages of Hoi have created a rustic but still delicate Bếp Tre restaurant where alll the shelve decoration is inspired by the simple boats in Kim Bong craft village, or decorative corners that are friendly but still luxurious from Thanh Ha ceramic materials.

Coming to Bếp Tre,a restaurant which is full of Vietnamese design style up to 60sqm with a capacity of up to 300 guests, you will not only enjoy the culinary peak of the three regions but also experience space full of Vietnamese style.


Casamia Calm Hoi An Urban Area, Dong Na Hamlet, Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province

Opening time

10AM - 10PM
Monday - Sunday

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